Parish Groups


Christian Service: Parish Covenant for the Service Commission

Charitable Activities

  • Homeless Shelter: We provide volunteers and food for the DuPage P.A.D.S. homeless shelter from September through May at a local church hall.  Please click here for more information.
  • Parish Food Drives: We collect non-perishable food items for the sake of a local food pantry each weekend.  We also have special food drives around Thanksgiving and Ash Wednesday.
  • St. Vincent DePaul Charities: Twice a year, we also hold parish-wide clothing and household goods collections for the poor.  We also reach out to people who are in need of assistance.
  • Christmas Gift Drive: Each year after Thanksgiving, we have a special Christmas gift drive for the poor and the needy, in coordination with the local Share the Spirit program.
  • Ministers of Care: We visit the sick at hospitals, health care centers, and homes, bringing them Holy Communion are reaching out to them for any special needs they may have.

Community Groups

  • Parish Men's Club: activities and events for all the men of our parish community
  • Circle of Women: activities and events for all the women of our parish community
  • Parish Seniors' Club: activities and events for all the seniors of of our parish community
  • Prayer Blankets: making prayer blankets for the sick and the elderly of our community
  • Greens Keepers: planting and caring for all the beautiful flowers in our parish gardens
  • Head-Heart-Hands: parish involvement for our religious education parents and families

Other Programs

  • Other Organizations: Several other groups meet at our parish.  Some are affiliated with the diocese, and others are composed of neighbors and friends.  Although we do not rent out our facilities to the general public, we often host church-related community programs and groups.
  • Support Groups: We provide information about marriage enrichment programs, professional counseling, and similar support groups that are available in our area.  Please contact the parish office, or speak privately with the pastor, for more information about support groups.
  • Charitable Agencies: We also provide confidential referrals to both church-related and general community organizations.  Together we reach out lovingly to those in need, as part of our faith.   Please contact the parish office for information about local charitable agencies.

Together in faith, let us do something beautiful for God each day!