Pastoral Plan

Saint Daniel Church: Vision, Mission and Legacy

Our Vision.  Saint Daniel Church . . . looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope,  leading onward in love . . . to new life in Christ!

Our Mission.  Taking our cue from the diocesan pastoral plan, we have specific goals for promoting discipleship, evangelization, and charity in our parish community.

  • Discipleship: Our parish is reorganizing itself for greater pastoral effectiveness through newly-established parish working commissions, under the supervision of the parish council.
  • Evangelization: Our parish is initiating a new Evangelization outreach program as a follow-up to our successful RENEW "Be My Witness" program, and in conjunction with our anniversary.
  • Charity: Our parish is forming a working partnership with the St. Vincent DePaul Society, to reach out in charity to our parishioners and neighbors who are in need of assistance.

Our Legacy.  Wonderful people started our parish.  Wonderful people support our parish. Wonderful people are working together to forge a bright future for our parish community.

For more information about our parish Pastoral Plan, please click here!

We are a faith community of prayer, learning, and charity.

Come and join us as intentional disciples of Christ!


Saint Daniel Church . . .

Looking upward in faith,

Moving forward in hope,

Leading onward in love,

. . . to new life in Christ!

Evangelization Matters!

Sunday Matters!

Welcome Matters!

Belonging Matters!

Witness Matters!

Mission Matters!

You Matter!