Mass Intentions

In addition to our Prayer List, we also follow the new diocesan norms regarding Mass Intentions. Our parish protocols for Mass Intentions, found below, are in accord with these new directives.

  • First of all, whether you are joining our parish Prayer List or are arranging for a Mass Intention, please know that we are all praying for you too.  May God answer all your prayers!
  • To arrange for a Mass Intention, please send an email to  You may also contact the pastor through the parish office, but email is preferred for these requests.
  • Along with your requested Mass Intention, please include your name and contact information if you wish to be notified when the Mass is scheduled to be said here at our church.
  • Each Mass Intention is said in the order in which the request was received.  Dates and times are not arranged in advance.  The Masses are said as soon as possible on the priest's calendar.
  • There may only be one Mass Intention for each Mass.  There are not enough requests for Mass Intentions at this time to schedule collective Mass Intentions twice a week at our parish.
  • Once the Mass Intention has been accepted by the priest, it is recorded in the parish register of Mass Intentions.  The priest also enters the date on which he fulfills the Mass Intention.
  • Once a Mass Intention is scheduled, it will also be included in our weekly parish Prayer List.  However, there is no canonical requirement to either announce or publish Mass Intentions.
  • The usual offering for a Mass Intention is $10 in our diocese.  Although we do not have any Mass Cards for sale at our parish, we provide holy cards for remembering your intention.
  • Individual Mass Intentions are also available at St. Procopius Abbey in Lisle ( and by retired priests in the Diocese of Joliet (, among others.

So, here at St. Daniel Church, we have both Mass Intentions and a parish Prayer List.  Whichever one you choose, remember that we are all praying for you too!  May God answer all your prayers!

Please click here for more information about our regular parish Prayer List.

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Please click here for information about obtaining Indulgences at our parish.



Parish Prayer List

Prayer List requests may be made for those who are living, those who have died, and for special intentions.

At our church, the priest will silently include all of your special intentions at all the Masses celebrated here on the day of your choice.

Your only donation for these special intentions are what you have already included in your offertory donation each weekend at our church.

The parish Prayer List book is located inside the narthex doors on weekends, and inside the chapel entrance area on weekdays.

You may write down your own special intentions in this book, you can ask the parish office to write them in for you, you can also send your prayer request to the pastor by email, or you can talk to your pastor personally about all your special prayer needs.

May God answer all of your prayers!  Please remember your special intention as you receive Holy Communion.

Symbolically place all your special intentions upon the paten with the host at the offertory.  Also pour your tears of joy and sorrow into the chalice as the priest pours in the water and the wine at the offertory.

Also, as the priest prays that "your sacrifice and [his]" may be "acceptable to God, the almighty Father," may you enter fully into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

Finally, please check out the Prayer List, located in the back of church, so that you may include these special intentions in your own daily personal prayer as well.