Other Organizations

  • Local Support Groups: We provide referrals to marriage enrichment programs, professional counseling, and support groups that are available in our area.  Please contact the parish office, or speak privately with the pastor, for more information about local support groups.
  • Local Charitable Agencies: We also provide referrals to both church-related and general community organizations.  Together we reach out lovingly to those in need, as part of our faith.   Please contact the parish office for information about local charitable agencies.
  • Local Community Groups: Some groups meet at our parish.  Some are affiliated with the diocese, and others are composed of neighbors and friends.  Although we do not rent out our facilities to the general public, we often host church-related community programs and groups.
  • Diocesan Programs: For programs about peace and justice issues, please click here.  For right to life programs, please click here.  For national programs about the social teachings of the Catholic Church through the United States Catholic Conference, please click here.
  • Fishers of Men: For the men of our parish, we recommend Fishers of Men, a spiritual and social program endorsed by our diocese.  Please also contact the pastor about our Saturday morning prayer group which is designed primarily but not exclusively for the men of our parish.

For more information about our parish servicee activities, please go to the covenant for our parish Service Commission, found at the top of the Serving Page of our website.


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Please click here in order to register for the special diocesan program called Protecting God's Children.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, that you do unto me, says the Lord!