Parish Bulletins

Current Bulletin: Please click HERE for a copy of this week's Sunday Bulletin.  The current Sunday bulletin is usually posted online by Thursday.  Due to publication schedules, especially around the holidays, the posting times may vary.  Thank you for your interest in our parish community!

Past Bulletins: Please contact the parish office to request a copy of the parish bulletin from past weeks. When you do so, please indicate the date of the past bulletin that you wish to read. The bulletin editor will send you a copy of that bulletin in PDF format.  Thank you for your interest!



Bulletin Articles are due at least ten days in advance.  More time is required before the holidays.  All articles are edited for content and for style.  Thanks for sending your bulletin articles to the parish office early!

Parish Calendar events are scheduled through our parish staff members.  For the parish staff directory, please click here. For the parish calendar, please click here.